PQE Power System Sdn Bhd has been leading in power quality and energy management since 1998, and our company is registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga as a servicing company up to 500 kV, a Class A contractor, and an Energy Service Company (ESCO). We invest heavily in condition-based monitoring services as well as solutions for high-voltage asset power quality and energy management.
Our experienced and qualified engineers and experts collaborate and work "hand in glove" as a team to provide the best solutions in whatever endeavour we undertake. We believe in establishing an environment that encourages our team to share their opinions, ideas, and creativity. Management reinforces the essential qualities of honesty, professionalism, respect, determination, and initiative that have always been a part of our working culture.
Power System Maintenance & Servicing Work
Power Quality Study
Energy Management
Electrical System Installation Work
Provide Competent Person
Condition Base Monitoring Solutions
Through our years of experience, we promise the quality of our products, the best price, the best choice, enthusiasm, product knowledge and understanding specific needs of our customers.
Energy Optimization System
Power Quality Solutions
Power Quality Measurement Solutions
Condition Base Monitoring Solutions
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