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PQE Power Quality Analyzer : Model Pure

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PQE Power Quality Analyzer : Model Pure Handheld Power Quality Analyzer Power Quality Analyzer Power Quality Measurement Solutions

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The Pure is an advanced class A power quality analyzer embedded with PQZIP Technology, is an easy-to-use plug and play device that continuously records all power quality parameters without thresholds setting or recording configuration.
The device is available in two versions:
  • Single Phase
  • 3-phases
  • Continuous Waveform recording at 256 Sample/Cycle
  • Class A devices IEC30-4-61000
  • Configuration FREE Device
  • Fast USB connectivity to PC
  • SD card slot hot swap
  • Optional battery bank and communication extension for remote data collection over LAN network, wireless Wi-Fi or cellular communication
  • IP40 for rugged environments
  • Lightweight, hand-held portable PQ recorder


Continuous Waveform Recordings

The Pure continuously records voltage and current waveform sampled at a rate of 256 sample/cycle at 50/60 Hz. It provides information at a very high resolution, enabling to detect and analyze the slightest change without the need to set up triggers or thresholds.

Supreme Trends Resolution

More than 5 000 power quality parameter such as RMS, THD, powers, power factor, unbalance and harmonics are logged continuously for more than a year at halfcycle, 10/12 cycles, 150/180 cycles and 2-hours resolution.

Extended Harmonics Recording

The Pure records and stores 128 harmonics components at 50Hz resolution and 512 inter-harmonics components at 5Hz resolution for both voltage and current.

Comprehensive Event Mechanism

  • The Pure is designed to detect any event occurring on your system.
  • The Pure analyzer is capable of recording waveform signals continuously.
  • The event configuration does not trigger the recording but rather stores summary logs including start and end time, duration, severity, and magnitude of the event.
  • All events can be displayed in a tabular or scatter charts as CBEME/ITIC.



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