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COMTRADE Viewer PQ Software Power Quality Measurement Solutions


PQSCADA Sapphire offers numerous ways to visualize data from the aquired COMTRADE file. PQSCADA Sapphire’s extensive charts capabilities include:

  • Trend chart - View electrical parameters for a selected time range as one or more graphs

Example of three trend charts (3 phases voltage RMS, 3 phases voltage waveform, and 3 phases current waveform) on a single view. The charts display voltage interruption of 400 milliseconds.

  • Spectrum chart - 


  • Statistical chart - View selected parameters for a selected time range

example of a statistical chart for frequency. both cumulative and relative statistics are available on the same chart.

  • Scatter Event chart - View events for a selected time range according to standards or custom definition (such as CBEMA)

Example of ITIC chart. This chart displays power quality events. Events of the chart are clickable.

  • Scatter Parameter chart - View scattered dots of a specific parameter in relation to another parameter

example of scatter chart. this chart plots Reactive power Vs Active power

  • Summary chart

  • Grid chart

  • Phasor chart - View the phasor’s amplitude and angle for a selected time range

example of phasor chart

  • Energy chart - View Energy data of multiple points for selected time frame

example of stacked bar char for energy analysis

  • Cyclic Histogram chart - The X and Y axes make up a given number of bins for Z values to be established. As a given X sample is selected, the Y value is measured and placed in the corresponding bin as a percent, which is derived from one sample divided by total samples in the T measurement period.

Example of normalized Cyclic Histogram chart


PQSCADA Sapphire will automatically calculate and store ~5,000 power parameters at a resolution of ½ cycles, 10/12 cycles, 150/180 cycles, 10 min and 2 hours of which, any given resolution is calculated for display and reporting purposes from acquired waveform signals (COMTRADE file).

5 K Parameters icon

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