Digital Fault Recorder (DFR)

Digital Fault Recorder (DFR)  DFR - Digital Fault Recorder Power Quality & Energy Monitoring System Power Quality Solutions

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In today’s changing consumer needs and growing demands for power, the power industry is left with no choice but to come up with a truly competent and responsive power grid system. Households and industries now have bigger power demands, which in turn requires a power grid system that can accommodate this increase in demand. The result is the continuous search for alternative power sources and the development of a smart grid, one that makes use of intelligent energy measures, smart meters and appliances. One such ‘smart device’ that’s gaining popularity today is the digital fault recorder, a device that’s used in conjunction with a SynchroPhasor, another smart device for a smart grid. The DFR is an important device used in the energy sector which can prove helpful in the monitoring of power grids and ensure the reliability of electrical supply.

How Does a Digital Fault Recorder Works?

As a smart device, the DFR has the capability to monitor and assess the low, medium and high-voltage networks in transformer substations and power plants. The device is optimized to monitor and record any disturbance that may happen on the grid. Some of the processes and events that can be monitored by the digital fault recorder are short circuits, critical load cases, breaking operations of the transformer and power fluctuations that may happen on the line. In short, the device can serve as a reporting and management tool, allowing engineers to properly monitor the power grid or power plants.


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  • Class A

  • Superior Accuracy

  • Synchronized Monitoring

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