VaultSafe Transformer Monitor

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VaultSafe Transformer Monitor Condition Base Monitoring Solutions

In densely populated areas, important infrastructure such as hospitals, commercial buildings, and public transportation systems depend on network transformers. If these transformers malfunction, it can result in disastrous outcomes, including transformer and property damage, extensive periods of service disruption, and even fatalities. One solution is the VaultSafe Monitor, which regularly monitors hydrogen levels in the main tank, switch compartment, and cable compartment of a network transformer. This monitoring system provides utilities with comprehensive visibility into their transformers and is easy to set up, while also allowing for remote access to transformer vaults


There are three compartments on a vault transformer: main tank, switch, and cable compartments. Conventional monitors only look at hydrogen in the main tank even though failure is most likely to occur in the cable compartment. The VaultSafe Transformer Monitor uses one sensor to continuously monitor all three compartments so that you are aware when hydrogen in the transformer headspace has increased.
The VaultSafe monitors hydrogen gas and pressure in all transformer compartments which provides early detection of problems and greatly reduces the potential for failure. Pressure is monitored across all three compartments which prevents moisture or atmosphere ingress. The VaultSafe monitor is submersible, maintenance free and self-calibrating.


  • One Sensor Monitors All Three Compartments

    VaultSafe uses one sensor to monitor all three compartments

  • Monitoring Hydrogen in the Headspace of a Network Transformer


  • Maintenance Free Monitoring of Hydrogen Gas and Pressure

    VaultSafe installed in a vault

  • Easy to install


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