SubSafe Hydrogen Monitor

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SubSafe Hydrogen Monitor Condition Base Monitoring Solutions SubSafe Hydrogen Monitor Condition Base Monitoring Solutions

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PQE SubSafe Hydrogen Monitor measures hydrogen collected in the headspace of nitrogen blanketed transformers, taking advantage of hydrogen’s low solubility rates and higher in gas concentrations, to provide more consistent and reliable warnings as to the potential presence of incipient faults.

  • Continuous Monitoring of the Main Tank

SubSafe Transformer Monitor

The SubSafe Hydrogen Monitor provides continuous monitoring of the transformers main tank with reliable consistency.

  • Monitoring Hydrogen in the Headspace of a Network Transformer

Watch this video to learn about monitoring hydrogen in the headspace of a transformer.

  • Maintenance Free Monitoring of Hydrogen Gas and Pressure

VaultSafe installed in a vault

The SubSafe monitors hydrogen gas and pressure the headspace of the transformer, providing a more reliable indication to the development of abnormal operating conditions and changes in pressure of the main tank. The SubSafe monitor is maintenance free and self-calibrating.

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