Geomagnetic Induced Current Sensor (GIC)

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Geomagnetic Induced Current Sensor (GIC) Condition Base Monitoring Solutions

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The substation hardened GIC-4 sensor is offered in fixed, split, and dual sensing cabinet packaging specifically designed for the measurement of geomagnetic induced currents in the transformer neutral ground connection. Split core models allow for rapid installation in energized applications.

Easy to Install

The GIC Sensor split core design allows for easy installation. Learn how to install a GIC Sensor by watching this video. GIC Sensor mounting bracket kits are available.

GIC Sensor Features

Geomagnetic Induced Current Sensor with Bracket

  • Range of the sensor can be easily adjusted

  • Hall affect sensor provides excellent response time and is linear over the entire operating range

  • Senses pure DC and quasi-DC up to 3Hz

  • Bracket design allows for centering the sensor around the conductor and provides conduit support for 4-20mA output

  • Core material is stable over a wide temperature range

  • Hall effect sensor has excellent response time and is linear over the entire operating range

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