B100 Series Electronic Temperature Monitor (ETM) with Hydrogen

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B100 Series Electronic Temperature Monitor (ETM) with Hydrogen Transformer  Condition Base Monitoring Solutions

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The B100 Series Electronic Temperature Monitor (ETM) is a comprehensive monitoring system suitable for distribution, transmission, or generation transformers. Serving as a substitute for analog gauges, the B100 ETM accurately detects problems occurring within a transformer through the means of fault gas detection. An all-around solution that is also cost-effective, attach a hydrogen sensor and/or moisture sensor for remote identification of any problems as soon as they occur.

Included in Basic:

  • Top Oil Temperature

  • Load Current

  • Ambient Temperature

  • Winding Hotspot Calculation

  • Thermal Aging

  • Web Dashboard

  • Cooling Control

  • Hydrogen Sensing Option

  • Moisture Sensing Option

Old Temperature Gauges are Unreliable

B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor vs Gauge

Gauges are known to stick, subsequently leaving the transformer vulnerable. The B100 can replace up to five mechanical gauges. It has a robust design, and in the unlikely event that there is a problem, the device generates an alert, ensuring the problem can be corrected.

The B100 Makes Your Job More Efficient

B100 is easy to configure


  • Easy to install, no software is needed
  • Easy to read, the LCD display can be seen from up to 60 feet and also can be read in bright sunlight or at night.
  • Easy to configure either remotely or on site
  • Easy to maintain

Designed for Durability

B100 Installed on a Transformer

The cast aluminium, powder coated enclosure is designed to be rugged and durable to protect against harsh environments created by water, dirt, dust and temperature extremes. It is treated with a chromate conversion process that helps the B100 have a long life expectancy (20+ years), even in harsh environments. Additionally, no calibration is required to maintain accuracy.
The B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor display has anti-UV coating technology which means that even in bright, direct sunlight the display is easy to read and has good contrast.

Now with Moisture Monitoring

Excessive moisture in the insulating paper of the windings will reduce the dielectric strength and also reduce the partial discharge inception voltage. As a result, the transformer is more susceptible to faults. By monitoring moisture as well as temperature values provided by the B100 ETM, customers can detect problematic conditions within the transformer far before a fault occurs.

The Dynamic Ratings moisture sensor is a compact solution for monitoring moisture in oil. It is equipped with an RS-485 Modbus output with programmable Baud Rate, and also supports two 4-20mA outputs for Oil Temperature, and Water Activity or Water Content.

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