Transformer Servicing

Electrical transformers are an expensive and important part of any machinery. So for getting optimal performance and increased product life, it is best to conduct regular maintenance checkups on your machinery. There are basically two types of transformer maintenance. One is done on a regular basis and the other is done at the time of urgency. If maintenance checkups are done on a routine basis then you may not have to undergo breakdown maintenance and hence save downtime.

A current transformer is a vital part of any equipment installed in an electrical substation for protection purposes as well as for electrical measurement. Insulation resistance of the CT has to be checked on an annual basis.Thermo vision scanning of primary terminals and the top dome of a live CT must be conducted on an annual basis. All CT secondary connections should be examined, cleaned and tightened each year to ensure that the secondary currents have the lowest resistance path.

Although your electrical transformer may keep on working smoothly, the continuous damage of the electrical vents and lack of even minimal maintenance can accelerate the inevitable failure of your transformer. To avoid this, contact our professionals now.

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