Onsite Power Quality & Energy Monitor and Recording services

Many companies don’t really know where their energy dollars are being spent, since all they get is one overall monthly bill, with no indication of whether that use was standard or excessive compared to operations that month. However, energy expenditures are a significant portion of overall operational cost. 

Facilities can see how much power is used when, what for, and at what hourly cost by logging power use at the main service entrance and then at large loads and secondary supplies. The data will, without fail, reveal several energy wastes that can be remedied solely through operational changes, such as turning off specific loads, reducing loads during peak rate periods, or adjusting the schedule so that loads operate during non-peak rate periods.

A good example would be when a circuit breaker trips at random. The cause may not be obvious, such as a large motor starting up. In reality, the causes of the trips may appear to be completely random, or they may occur when technicians are not present to observe. Since it is unrealistic for a maintenance technician to monitor the load until the circuit breaker trips, connecting an energy logger to the load side of the circuit breaker and recording the current draw over time can aid in troubleshooting. Besides, by logging power it would also help to identify energy wastage and damaging power quality issues, so that these can be addressed.

Search no more for other solutions! Here in PQE we can provide:

  • ​Remote Real Time Power Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting for PQ Issue
  • Nuisance Tripping Solution
  • Premature Failure Solution  

For further enquiries you may contact us via email at info@PQE.com.my.


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