Onsite Power Quality for Testing And Commissioning Of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System

With grid-connected Photovoltaic System (grid-tied systems), the energy you generate is sent into the utility grid. Your panels feed electricity into the grid, which can be distributed to other people in your area. It is a cheaper option compared to off-grid system. In return, you receive a credit for the energy you generate, which you can use any time. Think of it like a transaction at the bank: you are allowed to withdraw as much as you deposit. This is what allows you to keep the power on when the sun goes down. However, it won't be that cheap if your solar panel is to have problems. 

Hence, commissioning is important as more distributed energy resources are connected to the grid, their impact on the bulk power system is becoming substantial. At higher penetration levels, issues may develop in transmission line loading, grid voltage, and system frequency during regular or disturbed operation. Therefore, extensive testing and commissioning of devices that are part of distributed generation and their interconnection have gained careful consideration. With a properly commissioned solar system and routine solar panel maintenance practices in place, you’ll be in good shape to generate and use your own power, on your own terms, for years to come.

''Energy management is the process of managing the energy use in the organization to ensure that energy has been efficiently used through adopting an energy management system to achieve desired results and for continual improvement of the energy consumption performance'' (SEDA Malaysia)

For continuous great performance of your solar system, we are ready to serve you for onsite power quality for commissioning and testing of a Grid-Connected Solar System.

For further enquiries you may contact us via email at info@PQE.com.my.


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