Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) Services

Upon receiving the EMEER 2008 notice, as the energy manager or the person in charge of managing energy initiatives for your company installation, the first thing you need to do is to appoint a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) for your company. Within the first three months of the notice, you need to inform the Energy Commission of the REEM appointment. The REEM you have appointed should be the one to guide you through this process.

A REEM with experiences on actual EMS implementation within their own organisations would add tremendous value to the company hiring them. The REEM would be in the best position to advise companies on how to set up EMS such as ISO50001 and AEMAS Energy Management Gold Standard. Such REEM could offer the best value for money service because, not only can they help ensure the company’s compliance with EMEER 2008 regulations, but also assist the company sustain energy cost saving, improve profitability, project a positive image and ultimately gain a competitive edge. For companies intending to periodically conduct a detailed energy audit, appointing a REEM that includes such audit services would be worthwhile considering, as it would be beneficial and cost effective for the company in the long run.

A Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) has five primary key responsibilities, as specified by the Energy Commission. These include

  • To audit and analyse an installation’s electrical energy consumption. To do this, a REEM would have to conduct an energy audit and energy analysis for the designated installation.  

  • To advise in developing and implementing measures to ensure efficient electrical energy management at the installation. The advice is based on the preliminary energy audit analysis or a detailed technical energy audit report from an energy auditor.

  • To monitor the effective implementation of the measures.  

  • To supervise the keeping of records on efficient management of electrical energy at the installation, and to verify the document’s accuracy.  

  • To ensure timely submission of information and reports under regulations for your company.

So do you think you need to appoint one? Good news for you is that we at PQE provide a range of REEM service packages from the essential, to premium services at very affordable prices! Optimal Systems Engineering has a team of experienced REEMs certified under the Energy Commission with extensive experience and expertise in developing and implementing EMS under AEMAS (EMGS) and ISO50001.

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