Onsite Electrical Signature Analysis

Professionals frequently believe that if a motor sounds like it's operating, then the systems must be working in good  condition. This assumption, however, is incorrect as motor mistakes might occur when your team least expects them. 

Electric motors are prone to wear and tear if not regularly maintained. Some industries run machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week, putting strain on connections, fuses, and bearings. Even if your motor is brand new, a simple power surge can knock you out of commission for weeks. Motor testing is critical for your company's success and efficiency. 

PQE are always ready to serve and provide a safe, simple, and dependable electrical analysis. Our analysis help to maintain critical systems and achieve meaningful ROI. Don't leave motor failure to chance; instead, take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of comprehensive motor testing.

For further enquiries you may contact us via email at info@PQE.com.my.

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