Corona Scanning: Outdoor Switchyard

  • Corona refers to the faint glow surrounding an electrical conductor of 3500 volts or greater as a result of the ionization of air as the nitrogen in the air breaks down. When corona occurs, it creates ozone (detrimental to the human lungs, eyes, etc.), ultraviolet light, nitric acid, electromagnetic emissions and sound.
  • Inspection for corona sources is important throughout the life time of substations, and in particular during commissioning. Conora camera can donte:

    • Degradation of Polymer insulators 
    • Contamination – coastal salt; industrial vapors and dusts; cement dust; highway road-salt; tire dust and car emissions; agricultural dusts and fertilizers 
    • Cracked porcelain insulators
    • Rusted cement and metal caps & pins on porcelain insulators.
    • RFI, TVI and audio noise sources lead to customer complaints
    • Shorted bells
    • Loose hardware such as: spacers, slices, clamps etc.
    • Corona on capacitors

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