Ultrasound Scanning

  • Partial discharge/tracking, arcing and corona all produce ionization which disturbs the surrounding air molecules. An Ultraprobe detects high frequency sounds produced by these emissions and translates them (via heterodyning) down into the audible ranges. The specific sound quality of each type of emission is heard in headphones while the intensity of the signal is observed on a display panel. These sounds can be recorded and analyzed through ultrasound spectrum analysis software for diagnosis & reporting.
  • Normally, electrical equipment should be silent, although some equipment such as transformers may produce a constant 50 cycle hum, or some steady mechanical noises. These should not be confused with the erratic, sizzling frying, uneven and popping sound of an electrical discharge.
  • Ultrasound inspection can be performed at all voltage levels (low, medium and high) and is used to detect:
    • Corona
    • Partial discharge or tracking
    • Arcing
    • Mechanical vibrations (transformers)

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