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IEC power quality standards

What are the IEC 61000 power quality standards?
IEC 61000-4-11 and 61000-4-34 - voltage dip immunity standards
IEC 61000-4-11 and 61000-4-34 are a matched pair of IEC standards that both say the same thing: equipment must tolerate voltage dips on the AC mains. Both standards specify the same depths and durations of voltage dips, and explain how to apply these dips to single-phase and three-phase equipment. 61000-4-11 applies to equipment rated up to 16 amps per phase, and 61000-4-34 applies to equipment rated at more than 16 amps per phase; otherwise, the two standards are essentially identical.

PSL was deeply involved with developing and writing both standards. The PSL Industrial Power Corruptor is essentially the reference design for test equipment specified by these standards.

Although these standards are similar to the SEMI F47 standard, they use slightly different dip depths. These standards also make the three-phase testing vectors much clearer than SEMI F47.

A typical IEC 61000-4-11 voltage dip (top) and how it affects a power supply (bottom). Just like SEMI F47, this problem was fixed by increasing the size of a capacitor, at a cost of a few dollars.
IEC 61000-4-11 and 61000-4-34 are a pair of standards that set the requirements for voltage dip immunity. 61000-4-11 is for equipment that is rated at 16 amps per phase or less, and 61000-4-34 is for larger equipment.

How do you test for compliance with these standards ?
Insert a voltage dip generator in series with the mains cable of the equipment under test. Use the voltage dip generator to create the voltage dips specified in the standards, and verify that the equipment under test works properly. That's all there is to it!

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IEC power quality standards
It can be difficult to find the document you need, but you can purchase published IEC standards with a credit card. You'll be charged in Swiss Francs, and you can download the document immediately.

  • What's new on the IEC site -- a good place to start
  • The IEC Web Store -- purchase and download IEC standards
  • IEC Power quality standards - numbering system
    • 61000-1-X - Definitions and methodology
    • 61000-2-X - Environment (e.g. 61000-2-4 is compatibility levels in industrial plants)
    • 61000-3-X - Limits (e.g. 61000-3-4 is limits on harmonics emissions)
    • 61000-4-X - Tests and measurements (e.g. 61000-4-30 is power quality measurements)
    • 61000-5-X - Installation and mitigation
    • 61000-6-X - Generic immunity & emmissions standards
  • IEC SC77A: Low frequency EMC Phenomena -- essentially equivalent of "power quality" in American terminology
    • TC 77/WG 1: Terminology (part of the parent Technical Committee)
    • SC 77A/WG 1: Harmonics and other low-frequency disturbances
    • SC 77A/WG 6: Low frequency immunity tests
    • SC 77A/WG 2: Voltage fluctuations and other low-frequency disturbances
    • SC 77A/WG 8: Electromagnetic interference related to the network frequency
    • SC 77A/WG 9: Power Quality measurement methods
    • SC 77A/PT 61000-3-1: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - Part 3-1: Limits - Overview of emission standards and guides. Technical Report

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