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Customers often cite power quality and reliability as a very important factor in choosing an electrical provider. Indeed, without clean, uniform power, your facility is more prone to premature equipment failures or outages. Yet, many power quality problems stem not from the electrical grid but simply from improper wiring and/or grounding.

Some of the symptoms of power quality problems include unexpected failures of electronics, equipment overheating, excessive electrical "hum", or

Power Quality
sporadic telecommunications problems. Power quality problems may include voltage spikes or sags, low power factor, excess harmonics and wave distortion, phase shift, or unbalanced loads. These issues can result in productivity downtime and expensive equipment replacement.

PQE's Certified Power Quality (CPQ) professional can help identify the source of the disturbance and make cost-effective recommendations on how to correct and protect your facility from power quality problems.

Power Quality

The Audit
PQE pools its years of power quality experience into a streamlined procedure for conducting a thorough Power Quality Audit. The audit provides a structured hierarchical step-by-step approach to tackling utility and end-user power quality problems. The consistent approach to simultaneous data acquisition assures uniformity of information from site to site, audit to audit.

The Analysis
Once the data is gathered, it forms a powerful database that can be tapped even after personnel move on. As part of the analysis, critical loads and sources of power disturbances are identified by type. Technical problems on the distribution system, at the service entrance, and on the customer side of the watt-hour meter are addressed. The Power Quality Audit will also provide calculated cost impact of electrical supply related disruptions for use in your power quality program management and planning.

Power Quality

Power Quality

The Power Quality Audit provides a technical and economic basis to help make informed and wise decisions in solving power related problem and or enhancing the electrical system. The total process provides a consistent report, site-to-site, year to year.

Each report provides a summary of recommendations, including:

  • Addressing internal and external sources of disturbances, including equipment relocation
  • Recommendations on power conditioning equipment (voltage regulator, isolation transformer, uninterruptible power supply, etc.)
  • The cost range, type and rating of recommended equipment based on the Power Quality Assurance Buyers and Engineering Guide
  • Calculated purchase payback of power conditioning equipment.

By providing the technical and economic analysis data options, you have information needed to help you make an informed decision to solve your power quality problems.

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